There have been a lot of new entries on the social media front in the past few years. A couple of these have risen to unimaginable heights and are now major corporations with millions of users online. That’s likely because they are useful, but mostly as a species, we love to share stuff with others. It’s in our genes. Pinterest, for instance, has gone from being small community sharing site to a worldwide phenomenon valued at over $5 billion.

We have just come upon an interesting new entry in this category that uses some key features found in other sites, but takes its searching, saving and sharing capabilities to whole new level.

At first glance, (Snoogoo Corp, OTCMKTS:SGOO) appears to be a sort of search engine, but as you delve a little deeper into the site, you find its loaded with much more. Snoogoo is all about finding, organizing, and sharing information in a unique, easy-to-use way.

The foundations of the platform are three major components, with a “clipboard”, where users can save any aspect of their searched data in a visual style, and a “projects” section, where users are able to organize their clipboard information in any way that they see fit. The final component that’s intriguing is their “public clips” area, where users can share their own files, as well as any information found online with the entire Snoogoo community, which gives the site an extra sense of inclusion.

Users can click, drag, and drop just about any type of information found through the Snoogoo search engine (which actually taps into Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube and others) and place it in a vertical order on the clipboard so that it can be put into a Snoogoo project.  It can also remain on the clipboard for reference as needed.

It is the initial sorting facility of the site that gives users the ability to organize their articles, pictures, movies, etc. through thumbnail images of the content. The thumbnails are quite small, but there is also the option to expand that clipboard horizontally, which will then display more detailed information about the clips.

The projects section concept is key to making Snoogoo’s technology very, very useful. It allows you to name and create a project, which can then be shared amongst any group of people, whether it be current Snoogoo users or anyone with an email address. Projects can be publicly shared, shared within a certain chosen group of people, or kept privately, so that only the user who created the group is able to see its contents. If the project is shared publicly, every user who visits the Public Clips section will be able to view the contents.

What makes the projects section powerful is that is allows any number of authorized users to contribute to your project, making it a central area for information exchange.

The Public Clips section has to be one of the most innovative areas of this site. You get the chance to see what other Snoogoo users are interested in, talking about, and working on. It’s a very interactive environment, and it seems that communication between users is encouraged through the comments section.

With the multitude of unique features on this new platform, joined together in a simple interface, Snoogoo is something you could get used to using a lot. The functions make it easy to share your searches and give others the access to your hard work. It would make a lot of sense for sharing research, ideas with teams and groups, and in education.

Interestingly, Snoogoo is already a public company (symbol SGOO traded on the OTC Market), but unlike many other information networks, the company says it will use a paid advertising model to generate revenue right from the start.

Snoogoo just launched online under its beta release in June 2015, so it’s new to most people. This is a great one to try out now and put on your “I saw it when it was just a little upstart,” bragging list.