Implant Sciences Corporation (OTCMKTS:IMSC) has been attracting quite a lot of attention with its explosive trace detection solutions. The company has received orders from a number of airports in the EU for its QS-B220 desktop ETDs. Additionally, the devices are also going to be subjected to EU ETD regulations. The QS-B220 has also won the GSN award for being the best security checkpoint.

In the last one month alone, IMSC has received orders for 8 devices to be used on 2-airports in Cyprus and Larnaca and another 13 devices to be used on an airport in Belgium. The last 2-months have seen a total of over 500 devices being sold to EU nations alone. The device has quickly captured the EU market and has also become the prime vendor for ETDs in the continent. Dr. Darryl Jones, the VP of sales at IMSC, stated that the company’s execution of its marketing strategy has been relentless in gaining the top spot in the competitive market. IMSC has been adding new customers on a weekly basis and Dr. Darryl hopes the reputation would propel his company forward.

Apart from ETDs, the company also manufactures drugs trace detection solutions for the homeland security as well. However, the QS-B220 has been the flagship product of the company for some time now. The product won the GSN award for the best security checkpoint, while also being a finalist for Best Explosive Detection and Best Cargo Screening. The award is sponsored by Government Security News. The publisher had asked for nominations from the IT physical security industries.

IMSC CEO, Dr. Bill McGann, stated that his company has received the largest order of ETDs to date from the US government. The contract is worth $162 million for a total of 1,170 units, while the company still expands its business in the EU.

Implant Sciences Corporation (OTCMKTS:IMSC) made a move up the charts during the June 30 session to report a 5.28% increase in share price. The stock closed at $0.8, after trading 248,149 shares in the market.