HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) Elite x3 is scheduled to be released to the US market in the coming few months at a price of $800, of which is way above other high-end Android Smartphones that fall in the same range. This is probably because of the exceptional features that warrant the price tag. If purchased with laptop and desktop, it averages $1,330.

This Windows 10 mobile-powered Smartphone was unveiled way back in February during the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 2016. It is nothing but all that customers have been expecting. Nevertheless, it seems that it’s more focused on appealing to enterprise entities rather than consumers. No matter HP calls it ultimate built-for-business mobile device that will stand the test of time.

Hp Elite Model

Boasts of 6” Quad HD-AMOLED display with unmatched Qualcomm Snap dragon-820 processor that comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB on-board storage, making it pretty exceptional in regard to capacity. The 4,150M/Ah battery, unique finger sensor for security purposes, and 16 pixel camera, is definitely a plus for users. As a matter of fact, users will be able to enjoy benefits that come with tailor-made features on the market today.

It also offers optional passive-stylus accessory with a choice on golden variants, too. Introduction of the HP mobile extender (lapdock) is worth noting-this is a lap-top sized empty shell that HP Elite x3 will use for larger displays. As such, with the wireless connectivity users enjoy high levels of convenience thus enhancing functionality rate at all times.

The lockdown access feature to personal data and device makes it even more secure. You are guaranteed that your personal data will be safe because of the inbuilt security measures in the operating system and hardware. The HP Elite x3 is designed to help users have new levels of mobility-as they will not only be able to access corporate application virtually but almost all of the common windows.

The fact that all these features are enclosed in water-tight case guarantee longevity-and with a wireless charging means that the device is worth every single coin spent. This cutting-edge technology is set to be a pace setter that will dictate tech-gadgets in the near future.