According to Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligent, Pokémon Go users are spending more time on the app than the in any of the five leading Apps in the U.S. It was quite definite that the release of mobile version of the game would be viral, but it has surplus expectation having users stay longer than they usually do in either Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) or in snap chat. Sensor Tower, deamed it more appropriate to convey this trend by comparing it with how long user spent time playing the game to time spent on other leading apps and how the game compares with other viral games.

According to the report which was based on Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone clients, Users are spending a little more than 33 minutes playing the game, contrast to 22 minutes being spent on Facebook and the 18 minutes spent on Snapchat. As compared to, which has spent has been the No 1 app in the U.S. App stores download ranking for more than two weeks, it was used about 10 minutes.

What makes the report even more interesting is the fact that it is only a single day report, a few days after Pokémon was released. The game seems to be adding on more players every day, and it is possible that more time than the noted 33 minutes is being spent on the app as of now.

Besides just comparing the game to some leading apps, the game was compared to other well-known, versatile games. Here, the game has slightly behind in comparison to Candy Crush or Game of War, which have around 43 minutes and 2 hours a day use respectively.

It is not quite sure if the games current trend will continue or will start to decline. Despite this Pokémon has managed to beat out the top social media apps in just a few days after it was launched. This is a definite achievement by the game.