The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has penned an approval of Xiidra from TearLab Corp (NASDAQ:TEAR). The FDA’s action presents more options to patients suffering from dry eye disease. Last year’s rejection of the new eye disease drug lifitegrast demanded that Irish biopharma carries out more clinical work to drive more assurance that it was of quality. But finally, the company has everything to celebrate given that it can now make good on its anticipated blockbuster sales.

Analysts say that the potential blockbuster is likely to hit $1 billion in sales after its launch anticipated to take place in the third quarter.

What does the Xiidra’s approval mean for TearLab Corporation?

The approval is one of the many things that TearLab has been yearning for since it rejection. The company is embracing Xiidra’s approval as a milestone for the ophthalmic industry. Being the first new DED prescription therapy certified in the U.S. in the past 13 years, TearLab’s Chief Executive Officer, Seph Jensen says that it comes in handy for the millions of DED patients in the U.S.

Professionals the likes of Dr. Edward Holland, Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology have also welcomed the approval. Holland says that it is exciting development not only for them as eye specialists but also for a majority of dry eye sufferers At the same time physicians will also be able to make sound decisions in how they apply this treatment to their patients.

The company now assures its consumers that it will not relent in seeking unique eye care treatment options.

Symptoms and treatment of dry eye disease

Estimates show that close to 16 million Americans suffer from this condition whose symptoms vary from dryness, stinging, burning, and instances of stinging, burning and overall eye discomfort.

However, as many as symptoms as there are, treatment options are also in plenty. Allergan’s Restasis (cyclosporine) is one of them or better still Roche Holding Ltd. (ADR)(OTCMKTS:RHHBY) ) Lucentis (ranibizumab). But even with these options, Shire insists that its drug is the best given that it will take care of the signs and symptoms of the disease. It is looking up to this element to curve a niche in the competitive market.