Synacor Inc (NASDAQ:SYNC) is one of the many companies that are trusted with multiscreen technology and monetization. The video, the internet and other communications providers, as well as device manufacturers and enterprises, can attest to this given that they more often than not interact with this company. The company has released a comprehensive identity and access management platform that will support the signing on of Apple Single whose functionality was made public during the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

What to expect from Synacor, Inc

There is a lot to gain from this company given that it is an industry leader in cloud-based identity & access management. The company’s rich history of modernization is a plus for various activities, the likes of fraud prevention or home-based auto-authentication. Its collaboration with the major industry associations will boost online access to pay TV.

There is a whole range of services that this company is providing without necessarily having to go through the traditional way of signing in.

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The company’s aim to offer an identity platform is that it aids in the simplification of the login experience which many Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) customers probably long to have. It will give them access to authenticated video services according to CEO of Synacor, Himesh Bhise. The CEO says that its mission is to achieve the delivery of most favorable SSO experience for iOS and Apple TV users.

The company will make use of its proven authentication practices that have been established over the years and which have been given rights to remove further prompts once the applications are switched on.

It is all about racing against technology hence the reason Synacor will embrace any milestone that seems fruitful in retaining its old customers while attracting potential ones.

The company is in the limelight for its ability to manage portals and apps. It also has a name in advertising, email and partnership, validation, and the end-to-end advanced video services.