The launch of Virtual Reality (VA) game, Pokémon GO has become the talk of every town. Apparently, its developers are responding positively to its demand which has resulted to several launches being lined up in the coming weeks. However, there is a new twist to it and which players must look out for. It is the Direct 2 You cars from Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) which are available at selected PokéStops across the country. The application is meant to lures monsters into PokeStops from where they will be captured.

 Roger Solè, the Sprint chief marketing officer, says that the Direct 2 You cars creates room for more search which makes the game more thrilling. It is very possible for any player to find a monster they have been tracking at a PokéStop which results in getting a gift card that can use to buy more coins and Poké Balls.

More about Direct 2 You service and Sprint branded

It is a service that facilitates the organization of appointments by customers. The personal device delivery and expert attention heighten the usage ability of the service. Apparently, it has the possibility of transferring data from an old to a new phone device.

The playing of Pokemon Go is just becoming better by day with the assurance of Sprint. The communications services company has an undertaking of connecting its customers that will give a thrill to their lives at no extra cost. It has grown widely having created more than 59.4 million connections as of June 30, 2016. It is well recognized because of its innovative technologies the likes of the first wireless 4G service in the United States.

Sprint will be bringing back some of its network employees

The company is changing the way it runs its network, a move that will trigger a comeback of some of its employees. Having worked with Ericsson Inc in a seven-year contract which is set to expire in September, Sprint says it is bringing back some of its work. The deal had swayed off close to 6,000 Sprint employees to Ericsson but given that Sprint is planning on taking control of bits of the managed services work, the employees will be back.

There is also a speculation that some Ericsson employees will also transit to Sprint, but the number remains unknown.