Solaris Power Cells Inc (OTCMKTS:SPCL) has entered into a new marketing deal with Gala Global Inc. Under the new marketing agreement, Gala will commercialize and distribute a private labeled model. This model known as Vapor Mod incorporates Solaris’ battery free PESA storage technology. Steve Lawrence, the COO, said that they have put an outstanding team around an electrifying product.

The details

Like all products manufactured and advanced by Solaris, the vape mode to be distributed and marketed by Gala runs battery free using the Solaris PESA™ technology. The Solaris vape mode comes with a 10-year lifetime warranty on PESA™ cell. The product charges in less than 2 minutes when compared to time taken by rechargeable batteries.

In addition, this vape mode can be recharged more than 500,000 times in use whereas traditional lithium batteries yield only hundreds of charge before failure. The power performance of the vape mode is better to battery powered mods, and it do not requires battery replacement.

The buzz

Earlier in September, Solaris Power reported the appointment of Mr. Gregg Gard as the Director of Sun Car Sales in the company. Mr. Gard is an entrepreneur and PGA Professional with more than fifteen years of extensive experience in the golf industry. He has also introduced and run his own firm serving the golfing industry with retail products. Gard will lead sales measures linked to the launch of the Sun Car and its innovative renewable energy technology to NEV and Golf Car’s users in the recreational and industrial space.

NEV and Golf cars’ are low speed vehicles used by consumers for short distant commuting. The main uses of these vehicles are in hotels, parks, golf courses, industrial, commercial and residential premises, tourist destinations, airports and institutions among others. As per the Transparency Market Research, the NEV and golf car marketplace is projected to reach $2.81 billion in 2020.

Mr. Gard reported that he is thrilled to be a part of the professional business team of Solaris. The Sun Car is a valuable and unique, 100% renewable energy option to traditional lead-acid golf cars and neighborhood electric vehicles.

Iddriven Inc (OTCMKTS:IDDR) Associates With Tobania

Iddriven Inc (OTCMKTS:IDDR)has associated with Tobania, which a leading enterprise tech consulting company with a FY2016 sales estimate of nearly $70 million and a remarkable Fortune 500 client list. Prior to this update, the company reported about its partnership with PATECCO. It is also an enterprise consulting company and channel partner specializing in the Identity and Access Management unit of enterprise IT security offerings.

The recent deals with the European enterprise technology consulting firms offers Iddriven with a strong sales footprint for industry penetration in Europe and the US. In addition to California corporate headquarters, the company has a wholly owned subsidiary unit based in The Netherlands, the center of the European Union, allowing it to perform business seamlessly across the European Union and U.S.

Iddriven projects engaging additional channel associates in the United States in the coming months to meet specific industry or corporate segments, or to saturate certain areas.