SeanieMac International Ltd (OTCMKTS:BETS) reported the sponsorship of highly considered fighter Ritchie Kiely for his MMA unveiling fight on December 16, 2016. Kiely is the latest fighter that have joined John Kavanagh team, which is fighting out of the SBG gym in Ireland and is an ex-title winning Kickboxer. As many as 9,500 people are expected to come for the show. It will also be live on TV across the world. Ritchie will have the SeanieMac brand on his outfit and banners.

The expert speaks

Garreth Core, the COO of SeanieMac, commented that they are pleased to partner with Kiely at the embarking of his journey into the MMA. The COO called him as an exciting fighter who can make a notable impact on the stage and they expect a long and meaningful partnership. The sponsorship will provide brand amazing worldwide exposure to audience for SeanieMac and is an extension of company’s marketing strategy.

In unrelated news, the company reported an advertising association with London based entity Project 11. This advertising partnership comprises of digital sideline board ad for La Liga 2017 football games. The specific games are a mix of away games by FC Barcelona and Real Madrid; two of the leading football teams across the globe.

The advertising is broken into 1 to 2 minutes of TV in-play tangential advertising and additional footage rising from repeats, highlights, web and mobile device viewing. Combining all these types of advertising will result in a total media exposure of around 7 to 9 minutes with its availability to spectators in Ireland and the UK.

As a case of their following, some prediction is given that the El Clasico will have almost 400 million viewers. That’s nearly 4 times the viewers recorded in the average Super Bowl. El Clasico is the nickname given to much awaited match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. CEO Shane O’ Driscoll said that they are excited about the benefits that this partnership will bring to company.