American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) has selected M2SYS, the premier firm in biometric technology, to close its systems integration with its American Green Machine. M2SYS offers technology to numerous government organizations globally. Initially M2SYS will offer the M2-FingerVein™, a finger vein reader for the ‘American Green Machine.’ Dry skin, Scars, Cuts and other factors can often prevent fingerprint readers from consistently identifying or enrolling a person for smart vending application.

The highlights

The M2-FingerVein™ reader resolves this by taking images of the vein designs inside a finger. As these exclusive designs are inside the body, finger vein designs are virtually difficult to reverse engineer and copy. American Green’s application of this specialized technology solves the problem of low light cases where facial recognition can give a challenge. Additionally, M2SYS is intended to scale and can back multi-regional authentication which will be significant as the American Green Machine achieves footholds countrywide.

David Gwyther of American Green reported that it’s one thing to develop a platform that’s thrilling with a lot of ‘wow’ factor and they have achieved that. It’s quite another matter to offer comfort to organizations, regulators and people where they can be guaranteed, to the maximum extent thinkable today, that the right person is making a ‘controlled purchase.’ They consider that M2SYS is of premium class for integration into their American Green Machine.

Michael Trader, the President of M2SYS, said that they are delighted to work with American Green. They are on the forefront of an emerging application of biometrics, auto-retail or smart vending. Their ideas pertaining to secure and safe purchase via machine vending show a new period in commerce and they are delighted to support them in their measures.

Their focus and appreciation on correct matching for the security and safety of people using the American Green Machine is one of the factors behind M2SYS working so hard to get the products they have. It will help them to securely support existing and new business initiatives, and large-scale corporate and government applications.