Coca-Cola Co (NYSE: KO) is pleased about unveiling its ‘intergalactic’ flavor that pulls along with a great taste. The company says that the new product tastes like space. It has continuously spoken about expanding its brand new creation range and considers the latest addition a step towards the goal.

The new product

It describes the new drink as a zero sugar one and reveals details about its unveiling in the UK. The company notes that the drink is somewhat distinct from the classic Coke that most of its customers are accustomed to, and that is easy to see from its color. The drink is bright red.

The US food giant understands that consumers would love to obtain details about the flavor of the new product, but it hasn’t yet opened up about the question. However, information is already out that the drink comes with carrot and blackcurrant flavors. Several reviewers expressed their opinions, opining the drink tastes like candy floss and marshmallow.

Coca-Cola seems pleased with how much its brand of great taste has won the hearts of many globally and believes intergalactic will even be more refreshing. It describes the drink as delicious, and one constituted with an innovative dash.

Coca-Cola’s creations reflect great diversity. The latest product is a limited edition and tells a lot about the company’s dedication to innovation. Some of the aspects that drive the company include new designs, flavors, experiences, and cultural connections.

Other developments underway

The company speaks about its determination to strike new collaborations that will support it in developing new designs, flavors, and experiences. The other thing will be to reimagine most of its drinks. I wish to do so by unveiling some time-limited editions that draw inspiration from particular moments across music, culture, and gaming. Most of its innovation plans look at both the digital and the physical worlds.

There is a special offer for any shopper that puts their hand on the intergalactic cans. Coca-Cola says all those shoppers will gain access to a ‘Concert on a Coca-Cola.’ This concert will be the first-ever, and it will pull along with outstanding musical performances and more.