Adobe Inc (NASDAQ: ADBE) has announced that people who subscribe to Creative Cloud will also get This software is for partnering with other parties on video-related projects. The company is also incorporating the software into After Effects and Premiere Pro, which have their updates. Moreover, Adobe has given the video-editing software a visual update.

How the software works

It is not surprising that Adobe would add to its services after acquiring the software in 2021. The software simplified the sharing of video edits for approval or comment. It also allows users to collaborate more efficiently by downloading audio or footage quickly.

The subscription will come with Creative Cloud and give customers cloud storage of up to 100GB. Users could use the storage space to share files as they collaborate with other parties on video projects.

Adobe will not only bundle the software with Creative Cloud but will also add it to the master versions of After Effects and Premiere. The service will allow users to sign in via Adobe IDs instead of installing the software to edit videos. There will be no need to install separately.

However, the integration won’t come with several new features. Users will still be able to retrieve files from the cloud, export their timelines for others to review, and view comments from Premier. All these features were in the plugin. However, experts believe that expanding the reach of will encourage the company to improve it.

Adobe makes changes to Premiere Pro

Besides adding to Premiere Pro, the company has made its export and import screens more visually appealing and easier to navigate. The latest update, however, includes significant changes to Premiere Pro’s functionality.

Despite this, many users of Premiere Pro would be happy with the update as it hasn’t changed its design in a long time. The service also has an automatic color correction. This feature could be helpful to new Adobe Premiere Pro users.

In addition, the new version of After Effects will be faster on M1 family-powered Macs. It would also let users see how 3D and 2D layers look outside the frame when they use a 3D draft.