The University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) announced today the launch of its recruitment for the inaugural class of the newly developed Master of Technology Management Program, set to begin in the Fall of 2015.

UC Santa Barbara’s Master of Technology Management Program (MTM), a selective nine-month immersive master’s degree program, is designed to catapult highly qualified, early-career engineers and scientists into leadership positions within established and start-up technology companies by developing critical management skills.

Utilizing a synchronous customer and product development process, this unique, competitive program was developed in tandem with the recruitment of practiced professors, and engagement with brand-name technology companies with interest in employing graduates who will have developed both technical and management skills.

“Companies are recognizing the need for candidates with a hybrid of technical and management proficiencies,” explained Robert York, Chair of the Management Technology Program at UCSB. “We are thrilled to offer students the opportunity to accelerate their careers, prepare themselves for real-life working environments, and an on-ramp to prospective employer.”

UCSB employed SyncDev, Inc. a company that coaches cross-functional teams to develop customers and products simultaneously, to support its faculty and student-recruitment team to develop their student and corporate ‘customer funnel’ while developing the MTM Program. Using SyncDev’s sell-design-build method, UCSB’s team fostered relationships with technology companies, garnering vital information about which skills and experience are important, and used the results to help recruit additional faculty and define its curriculum.

“We are honored to work with a top institution on this game changing educational experience,” said SyncDev CEO, Frank Robinson. “By tapping into those who make hiring decisions, students will gain the most tailored education available.”

The differentiation of this Masters of Technology Management program lies in its narrow focus, which is designed to accelerate graduates’ career trajectory by years.  While most MBA programs are constructed to provide a breadth of skills to create managers from any background for a variety of administrative, operational, and finance roles, the MTM program is structured to admit only candidates with an interest in gaining the framework, skills, and applied knowledge necessary to become a leader in technology-based companies.