Cyclone Power Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CYPW) developer company of clean-tech Cyclone Engine, enters into 2015 with the conclusion of the spinoff of the subsidiary. The focus shifts on manufacturing, licensing and distribution processes. The company is pleased with the objectives that have been fulfilled to date and the development work of the Cyclone Engines.

The developments

Cyclone Power stated that the Combilift Engines for the company’s customer in Ireland is in its last stage of testing on the dyno. It will be prepared for shipping once the testing process is completed. It will result in the first shipment of the pre-production of the ‘Mark 5’ Cyclone Engine. The new system is vital in fulfilling the strict emissions for multi-requirements in the fifty-two nations that Combilift sells equipment.

The parts

Cyclone Power said that it just obtained the pre-production components for 10 Mark 1 Engines. The components are in the course of being assembled. After all the parts are assembled they will be sent for a stringent testing process. Once passed, they will be sent to licensees and OEMs where they will be integrated into systems. The engineering team of company is working with these OEMs and licensees to convert the integration as smooth as possible.

The other details

Cyclone Power confirmed that it has entered into discussions with a management consulting team. It is an expert team with expertise in transition management. The consulting firm prefers a Hands-on leadership approach to bring expertise in various segments.

The expertise

The segments covers business operations, asset and investment recovery, strategic partnership development, realignment, financial management and compliance, product and market development, strategic outsourcing and equity/investor acquisition and strategic business consolidation. The company has entered into the last phase of testing of its products. It is the right time to push the company into the next growth phase. The other development plans including WHE Generation is well on track.