Reno, NV – Pablo L. Nieto, Jr., who was recently appointed as the CEO of Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EGOH) provided his first corporate update of the company. Nieto stated that he is delighted with the fact that Connie Helwig, who is the co-CEO of the company, agreed to buy Pure Mobility International Inc. The acquisition of Pure Mobility will significantly enhance shareholder value.

The company owns cutting-edge technology which gives it an undefeatable competitive advantage over peers. The acquisition tends to change the company’s course toward the economy of operations, telecommunications, technology and the Internet of Things.

The company

On March 17, Eagle Oil announced that it bought wireless communications provider firm known as Pure Mobility International Inc. The Canadian entity specializes in the implementation of wireless services throughout remote locations and multiple markets worldwide.

Established in August 2009, Pure Mobility is a broadband wireless network operator and owner. Its mission is to offer Sweratel Cloud-based Metro Wi-Fi network solutions in the most challenging areas like smart communities, logistics hubs, urban, suburban, rural and network-connected society markets.

The challenges

The fast pace growth of mobile networks data traffic has become a challenge for operators. There I need of advanced system to meet the customer need of high data usage. The various companies are slowly starting to upgrade their LTE or 3G into Wi-Fi data offload services. With the increased access to the technology, broadband data services and applications including VoIP, HD video, Contents, etc. are incorporated into the same broadband networks that drive the IoT.

The new acquisition is the right step taken by Eagle Oil to expand its market share in the competitive industry. By integrating globally known 802.11-family standards with 3G and LTE mobile data offloading, the ISPs, Municipal SPs and operators can provide instant broadband access to the increasing base of tablets, Smartphones and phablets and tablets.