After touching the low of $0.45 per share, GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS (OTCMKTS:GRSU) stock prices retreated and posted hefty gains in last week. It made a 52-week high of $0.78 on massive volume. In last trading session, the stock prices consolidated and gained 0.26% to close at $0.702. The company looks like a new target of promotion. There are several paid entities posting on IHUB and its appears to be working in favor of the company.

The operations

Greenhouse Solutions operates in three different segments within the growing cannabis industry. Its design and consulting service provides a comprehensive solution to the efficiency and expansion of hydroponic and agricultural businesses in the U.S. The company is able to provide a well integrated solution to create, design, execute and expand all variations of outdoor, indoor and greenhouse agricultural business.

The units

Its second unit of Product Development manufactures markets and sells CBD products for both the companion pets and personal health markets via a licensed probiotic delivery system and other licensed formulas. For the people who are not aware with Cannabidiol, it is a naturally-occurring substance present in both the hemp and cannabis forms of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The third unit of Greenhouse Solution focuses on distribution activities of several tools, supplies and nutrients for the cultivation industry.

The plans

Back in February Greenhouse Solution disclosed their plans to produce, market and sell a proprietary product for the mitigation of pain in pets using Cannabidiols and Probiotics. The company previously stated that they were developing products for both the companion pets and personal health segments using a licensed system. The latest news marks the first product to be produced in the Greenhouse’s new unit that takes benefit of new research in CBD. As per APPA, there are 95 million cats and 83 million dogs in the U.S. classified as companion pets.