GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS (OTCMKTS:GRSU) disclosed its plans to produce, market and offer a licensed product for’ systemic detoxification.’ It will make use of Probiotics, Natural Zeolite, and Cannabidiols. Previously it announced that the plans are to develop products for two different segments, the companion pet segment and the personal health division. The products will be made using a proprietary probiotic delivery system. It will be the second product that the company will make in the new division that takes clue from the research conducted on CBD.

The market

Rik J Deitsch, the CEO of Greenhouse Solutions said that he has been working with Natural Zeolites and the unique principle of systematic detoxification from last 20 years. Now is the time to use the research along with Probiotics and CBDs to develop a unique product for the eradication of heavy metals and other harmful environmental toxins. It is fact that everyone carriers a body burden of harmful toxins. It indicates that there is huge industry there waiting for unique and effective products. Deitsch is the author of ‘Invisible Killers.’ It is a guide to environmental toxicity.

The research

The latest research on concept of systematic detoxification revolves around the use of the mineral zeolite clinoptilolite in volcanic ash. When the Zeolite is in activate form, it attracts and traps other small and highly-charged particles that place wells into the channels and pores of the zeolite cage. The list covers heavy metals like lead and cadmium, environmental pollutants and nitrosamines. When these particles are trapped by the zeolite, the toxins are eradicated from the body.

The benefits

It is not first time a study is carried on activated zeolite. It has remained the center of various published clinical trials. The addition of Probiotics and CBDs will significantly increase the advantages of the zeolite. The positive claims expected from the zeolite product are systemic detoxification, supporting a healthy immune system and promoting healthy pH levels.