American Seed & Oil Company and IJJ CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:IJJP) released additional information to update shareholders on their association to construct a residential treatment facility for U.S. veterans suffering with PTSD.

The acquisition of VSF

American Seed & Oil intends to acquire its Vermont based operating associate, Vermont Sustainable Farming, LLC. The two companies entered into an operation deal earlier in 2014 to facilitate America Seed’s first hemp plant. American Seed together with Vermont Sustainable Farming has developed a number of business deals and relationships with property owners, universities, processing operations, and additional farmers.

With the Tourist Destination target property and the initial Treatment Facility in Vermont, VSF appears to be a logical acquisition candidate for American Seed & Oil. The acquisition deal is expected to complete within next forty-five to sixty days. The two companies together make the perfect entity to enter into a promising partnership with IJJ Corporation.

The plans

IJJ Corporation intends to structure and use the investment capital so that it can support American Seed & Oil’s acquisition. It will also look after the other needs such as engagement of pre-construction architecture and engineering services during the same period.

IIJ intends to use 200 acres of land by American Seed & Oil to construct the treatment facility and grow cannabis. The facility will adhere to the treatment protocol being set by the ‘Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies’ for their designed study of pot for symptoms of PTSD.

The profile

IJJ CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:IJJP) is a management and business consulting company that promotes the union of firms to achieve their objectives. It focuses on a collaborative engagement between private and public firms, and business professionals to ensure sustainable growth and profitability. Recently, the company announced reducing its authorized shares to 2.5 billion. Following the decrease, it will have 1.81 billion outstanding shares. IJJ has 1.16 billion outstanding shares at the end of January 2015.