PositiveID Corp (OTCMKTS:PSID) a developer company of advanced biological detection and diagnostics offerings, informed that it has submitted an application to get U.S. patent for Firefly Dx PCR pathogen detection solution. The solution is called as a cyclical ‘PCR device.’ With the new patent, the total number of patents including pending associated with Firefly Dx rises to four. However, the total number of patents including pending increases to 18.

The device

PositiveID Corp new product Firefly Dx is developed to provide real-time and precise diagnostic results. The device makes use of PCR chemistry concept in a handheld device. With the device, it is possible to perform tests at the point of need. Such kind of feature is not available in existing systems. The available detection systems in market need lab-based equipment. They not only need equipments but also take more time to provide results. PositiveID Corp’s new patent application is about a PCR device that can provide results in just 20 minutes. The device uses standard laboratory volumes and works in an automated cartridge.

The growing market

PositiveID Corp new PCR device wants to capture a big market share of the global PCR market. It is forecasted to reach approximately $27.4 billion in this year itself. The application set covers point of need check of pathogenic outbreaks, agricultural screening and developing countries. The main purpose is to detect biological agents that spread mass destruction.

The intellectual properly

William J. Caragol, the Chairman of PositiveID Corp (OTCMKTS:PSID), said that the company wants to strengthen its intellectual property role for Firefly Dx as the development work and testing progresses. He added that with the latest update that the company’s PCR device is able to provide positive test results in less than 20 minutes, the management is confident to record a paradigm shift to the expanding PCR market.