Monarch America Inc (OTCMKTS:BTFL)’s CEO Eric Hagen updated on the latest accomplishments of the company. Talking about the progress, he stated that in past one year, the company successfully attained many of its initial stage corporate goals. The company is holds a strong place in the growing cannabis market.

The accomplishments

Monarch America not only achieved strong growth in the legalized cannabis industry across the nation, but also recorded robust performance as a publicly traded firm. It developed and presented the ‘Monarch America’ brand product line and launched import and distribution activities for coco coir cultivating medium in state of Colorado. The company not only introduced the new product line but also changed its name and trading ticker to strongly represent the business model.

The agreements

The most noteworthy attainment has been Monarch America’s transaction to buy The Big Tomato hydroponics. It got hold of the indoor garden supply business. Monarch America attracted over $1.9 million as new financing commitments. It was these two achievements that well positioned the company for sustainable growth and expansion.

The future ahead

Monarch America’s strategic plan for FY2015 is to take the company and its lead brand products to the peak level of success. The measures include setting new locations in diverse regions across the country. The company would try to scale its coco coir operation. It will develop and introduce new products and deploy extensive cannabis industry knowledge via consulting services with other businesses. It expects strong growth and return in various segments in the near future.

The success

Hagen stated that he would like to acknowledge the contribution of entire team of Monarch America Inc (OTCMKTS:BTFL) and its associates, and would like to thank customers, shareholders and investors for translating 2014 into successful year. The support from participants helped the company to post remarkable growth in all segments.