NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) understands that it needs more talents to explore new opportunities and take its business to the next level. On that basis, the company announced Jason Schwenck as the newest addition to the executive team. The company appeals to the hangover prevention market with products that are touted as extremely health to the body because they contain no sugar or other stimulants.

Global sales

NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) named Schwenck its SVP of Global Sales and will also join the executive management team of the special beverage company. Schwenck is expected to drive NOHO’s global sales as the company seeks to boost both its top and bottom line figures.

Executive comment

According to NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK)’s CEO, Jay Grdina, they expect Schwenck to play a key role in building strategic sales programs and teams to enhance the company’s partnerships at both retail and on premise levels.

Schwenck also express his excitement in joining NOHO, a company that he said is passionate for success. He promised to come up with both short and long-term sales strategies targeting both the U.S. and international markets.

Vast experience

The reason NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) is excited to have Schwenck on its global sales team is his massive experience in that field. Schwenck has over 20 years of experience in the beverage industry. He has held various seniors positions in the industry, including being the director of on premise marketing and sales at Red Bull.

Healthy products

NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) produces vitamin and nutrients packed products that help with alleviating hangover effects. The company prides itself of enable people who are socially and physically active to enjoy their lifestyle without adverse effects to their body. NOHO’s beverage products are free from such substances as caffeine, sugar or any other stimulants, yet they ensure that users are properly guarded against the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.

Various hangover prevention products from NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) are sold in nightclubs, bars and restaurants.