Pervasip Corp (OTCMKTS:PVSP) is a company that was probably the worst traded stock at the end of December 2014. However, in recent months the PVSP stock has begun to rise and is one of the most traded in the market. It is still being accumulated by investors and has developed a very large fan following on social media. Currently its value stands at $0.0024 a share. Even though this amount puts the stock of the company in sub-penny land, it is rising steadily and with 10-20 million shares being traded every day, it could soon be ready for higher leagues.

The company mostly deals in cloud-based technologies but has recently used its strengthening position to acquire 90% equity of Canalytix LLC, an energy solution provider. Together, the two companies aim to break into the indoor growing industry and develop solutions specifically targeting the control systems for indoor agriculture. The move seems to be a smart one, and it just might set the PVSP stock on the right track and even make it ready for bigger markets.

CEO of Pervasip Corp (OTCMKTS:PVSP), Paul Riss, said, “We are excited to complete this transaction and leverage our historical technology development experience to gain entry into an exciting and rapidly growing business.” . From here, the company needs to start looking at its financial reports. It has most of the financial report moving around a few thousand dollars and, even though, the administration has made some smart moves; they still have $10.7 million in liabilities.

This is something that the administration needs to ponder upon before making another big deal to push their share value. They need to use their position and gain investments to pursue their projects and improve their financial position. Even in the penny stock market there are companies that have a much better financial standing than PVSP and ready for the next stage it should position itself and think out next step.