That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCBB:TSTS) said that it received first order to micellize a particular ingredient for a third party. The company cannot disclose the name of the client for which it will be completing the order. It is due to the stringent restrictions placed by NDA. However, it is not a problem to disclose that the client is a market leader operating in a specific billion dollar industry

The start

Matt Smith, the President of That Marketing is delighted with the first order. He said that the company anticipates the first order as the first of many orders that company will acquire from this particular client. There is something unique about the micellized manufacturing process that will certainly add value to clients’ offerings in a competitive marketplace.

The profile

That Marketing Solution works on development and commercialization of health related products. The entity owns and runs technology related to Micellization Manufacturing Process. It is a unique and advanced process that converts oil based nutrients into products that can be easily dissolved into water. The water soluble products are better absorbed by the cells.

Know about technology

The Aqua V Technology designed and developed by That Marketing is a groundbreaking scientific discovery that exponentially improves the dietary advantages of bio-nutrients to the human body. It mitigates the quantity of raw elements that are needed to make the nutritional formula. There are several vital bio-nutrients that people add on in their food are fat-soluble. Hence, the human body must micellize the diet by breaking it down. It results in a only one part of the bio-nutrient ready for uptake. By adopting innovative technology to take the nutrient externally, the uptake is almost instant, and there is no bio-waste in the entire procedure process. The formulators can take less active components in their formulas to derive the maximum benefit.