Acology Inc (OTCMKTS:ACOL) reported that it concluded a deal with the Jason Hornung Ad Agency and introduced an aggressive campaign focusing on increased e-commerce and internet sales. The new plan will help the company to offer its products to various industries it serves including medical cannabis, pharmaceutical, geriatrics and veterinary industry.

The details

The Hornung Agency is based in Tucson and specializes in retail web ad campaigns. They are focuses on increasing traffic, enhancing social-media presence and branding and directing customers to end-point sales. Acology’s e-commerce campaign is expected to leave a direct impact on social-media. The agency has designed successful ad campaigns for a number of companies, including The Thrive Doctors, MPACT Wealth and Game Academy.

The announcements

Acology also disclosed that its Business Development Center, which commenced operations in January 2015, has effectively increased sales of its flagship product, the MedTainer. It is applicable in each month of 1Q of the year resulting in considerable increase of the support staff and sales team. Acology and its subsidiary firm D&C Distributors have their new production facility based at Corona, CA.

The expansion

Acology in a report revealed that over 130 new national distribution centers plans to place MedTainers into several locations that include package outlets, convenience stores, drug emporia and small retail operations. The sales of its products continue to find strength in new markets. The surge in social media traffic also supported the steady sales growth.

The interest

The company’s products are witnessing renewed interest from big giant Big Box stores. The discussions are going to place products in national chains. The decision on the matter is expected to come by summer. The awareness has been created by word-of-mouth publicity. The social media efforts are showing results as more distributors are inclined to either sell or represent Acology products. The fourth and fifth generation Medtainers are patented.