AVRA Inc (OTCBB:AVRN) confirmed that it hired SightSpan, Inc. to avail risk management and security solutions. The group will look after the development of the compliance policy and related measures. Mr. John Walsh who is the CEO of SightSpan will be the Consulting Compliance Manager.

The role

The group will develop Office of Foreign Assets Control and Anti-Money Laundering policies. It will work in association with the company to design compliance training plans, risk evaluation and risk management practices. The new changes will help Avra to execute a number of related strategies to transform itself as a trusted brand leader in the industry.

The new team

Steve Shepherd who is the CEO of Avra said that the management team is extremely delighted that SightSpan has joined the company. They have extensive experience as well as expertise in the compliance sector. It will serve as a high value asset for the company. The dynamic team of SightSpan will be able to work nimbly in the emerging sector.

The leadership

With Mr. Walsh acting as the Consulting Compliance Manager with Avra, the management is confident that the company can pull off a pioneer role at the forefront of industry development. Walsh has proposed a well-thought, efficient and planned approach to risk at the same time ensuring airtight compliance.

The need of hour

Walsh of SightSpan stated that for the industry to accept and use digital assets, the standard of bank-grade security, advanced risk management applications and globally accepted compliance techniques have to be firmly in place. It is an absolute must-have to support and promote the digital currencies market and related assets. It will only instill trust in users leading to emergence of digital currencies as a common financial instrument.