BLUE DIAMOND VENTURE (OTCMKTS:BLDV) updated shareholders on the future operational plans. The company commences the process of getting a current status in the state of Nevada. After the completion of process, the corporate resolutions as approved by the Board will be filed with the Secretary State of Nevada.

The deal

As per the share exchange deal duly completed between the parties and as approved by the Board, The sole surviving entity will be Green Growth Holdings, Inc. Blue Diamond which has been conducting R&D into proprietary technologies will revert back to a private unit, taking all of its current liabilities, assets and debts. Green Growth has spent almost one year as a non-formal organized unit conducting due research and diligence in the Green Agriculture Industry.

The objectives

It is taking necessary measures to enter the industries of urban farming, as well as medical marijuana and hemp market. All these are high growth potential segments. All the future units functioning under Green Growth are supporting Blue Diamond’s business plan to work as a corporate “Eco System.” The main objective is to associate with other firms that have similar visions and possess technologies to capture a greater market share in the growing markets.

The plans

During this period, Green Growth will seek to reduce Blue Diamond’s current Authorized Share number to a figure that better supports the company’s business operational plans. Green Growth can be better stated as a virtually debt- free entity and even has no plans to raise funds through any highly dilutive measures. The company will use its social media platforms to provide information and updates to the General public.

The momentum

John Quincey Moaning, the CEO of Blue Diamond, said that he is delighted for the company shareholders and the potential Green Growth has to create intrinsic value using existing network of industry knowledge and resources. In last trading session, the stock price of Blue Diamond closed flat at $0.00070 on share volume of 287.38 million compared to average share volume of 66.44 million.