Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) a U.S. firm concentrating on cannabis related drugs development and associated consulting updated on the substantial progress recorded by its subsidiary Michigan Green Technologies. The CEO of subsidiary, John Dalaly said that the team has worked with and will continue to work with in association with legislators in Michigan to get the new and modified “Michigan Medical Marihuana Act” of 2008.

The update

Dalaly further said that Michigan’s medical cannabis plan received dull response in the other states and it needs a proper legislation to achieve a well-regulated cannabis market that reflects integrity and reliability. The team is of view that that the company is playing a crucial part in this stupendous development. The participants will make substantial progress under systematic legal protection. The changes can be established by the law enforcement as well as the State of Michigan, and residents will benefit considerably.

The offerings

Cannabis Sciences informed that since 1987, Dalaly who is the present CEO of Michigan Green Technologies has provided hospital management services to over forty-seven hospitals in ten nations. The list of services includes staffing education, lecturing, recruiting, and design process of healthcare applications. Dalaly has worked with MSU and Southern Mississippi University. The two entities together worked on an art hospital management offering for third world nations and also for the ministry of health in Mexico, Africa, Muscat, Oman, Iraq, Dubai, and Saudi Kuwait.

The progress

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) added that Dalaly has worked from 1987 till this time on the mobile medical unit’s clinic on wheels concept. It supported outreach plans on both international and national platform. The knowledge on healthcare on international and national platform will be used to support Michigan State measures that will enhance improving economic opportunities within Michigan. In last trading session, Cannabis Stock price dropped 2.63%to close at $0.0370.