In order to make the best use of the current market situation, CANNABIZ MOBILE, INC (OTCMKTS:LGBI) has decided to sign license agreement with Code2action Inc. As per the reports, the proprietary mobile business card platform of the company will be branded as the ‘Canna Bizcard’ after this deal.

Road So Far:

The current decision of the company is a part of its rebranding strategy. In a recent statement, it announced that with the help of a new license agreement, it had secured Canna Bizcard as the trademark name for its mobile business card. Cannabiz also announced that it had opted to execute a re-branding agreement and license with none other than Code2action Inc. The primary objective behind taking these two critical steps is nothing but to enhance the presence of C2A MobiCard, proprietary mobile business card platform of Cannabiz.

As soon as all the formalities are done, it will start the marketing activities for Canna Bizcard, which is a mobile business card solution. It is an amazing platform that combines the power of email marketing, SMS marketing with social media sharing. It primarily works for various businesses that provide legalized recreational and medical marijuana in different parts of the country.

Canna Bizcard is one of the highly efficient and sought after cloud based mobile business card which makes it possible for users to customize their business cards and include various additional information. With the help of this business card, users can add company logo, contact details, photos, website, social media links, audio messaging and multi-media content. No other business card can offer as many features as Canna Bizcard can offer.

It’s a fresh concept and will surely reach to newer heights as the time progresses. Due to this fact, Cannabiz doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make it a huge hit. Management of the company hopes to see desired results in the near future.