CANNABIZ MOBILE, INC (OTCMKTS:LGBI) announced that it has acquired the Trademark “Canna Bizcard” and has finalized a license and re-branding deal with Code2action Inc. for its self-owned mobile business card offering “C2A MobiCard.” The company will commence with the commercialization activities of the Canna Bizcard It is a mobile business card offering that integrates the benefits of social media sharing with sms and texts and email marketing for all firms in various states that have legalized recreational and/or medical marijuana.

The solution

Cannabiz Mobile new offering of Canna Bizcard can be defined as a cloud-based ‘mobile business card’ that allows the user to custom-build their business card with the necessary details including the company’s logo, contact details, website, photos, multi-media content, audio messaging and social media links like no traditional paper card ever could.

The features

Cannabiz Mobile new offering of Canna Bizcard features sharing and alert system that allows users to share their business card via sms, text, email and various social media sites. The platform offers the user instant alerts when their business card is shared or opened to third party referrals all while creating an important database of contact leads.

The plans

CANNABIZ MOBILE, INC (OTCMKTS:LGBI) intends to introduce both its Canna Bizcard website and its business Card for both publicly and private traded firms. The business card will have all features of the Canna Bizcard, and will provide stock information such as charts, live quotes, press releases, OTC and SEC filings, audio messaging, blasts, stock message boards and video presentations.

The objective

The business card prepared by Cannabiz Mobile should offer a value enhancement to IR companies and investor relations professionals as a lead generation tool to widen their customer shareholder base and enhance Company communications. The company plans to release detailed pricing and various packages for industry enterprises and professionals in coming weeks.