Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (OTCMKTS:FITX) a corporation offering dietary supplements and providing its services in active lifestyles market highlighted the recent developments. It released a letter to shareholders in which the company stated shareholders are well aware of the annoying attacks faced by CEN Biotech in last one year. The company blamed Canadian Newspaper “the Globe and Mail” for creating all these fuss.

The attacks

Creative Edge stated that Grant Robertson who is employed as a reported with the Canadian Newspaper is the person behind leading the entire campaign of false accusations. The misrepresentations and untruths were said so as to hurt the reputation of the firm. All the measures were meant to hamper the reputation of the company in the market that Creative Edge has created over years. Robertson not only made false accusations against the company but also against the company’s President Bill Chaaban. He alleged that the company is involved in unfair practices of “insider trading.

The sales

The company informed that the irresponsible allegations are made without any strong reason and just intended to slow down the growth of the company. The objective is to erode value of shareholders holdings. The reporter said that CEN Biotech team liquidated huge amount of shares before the new of license application came in market.

The suggestions

Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (OTCMKTS:FITX) suggested that the reporter should have done some research work before making such kind of false accusations. He must have taken help of various websites to get the relevant information. It would have helped him to know whether the management sold the company’s share or not. All the information has to be submitted through “144” paperwork. The reason is simple; the reported was not interested to know the real truth. On Friday’s trading session, FITX share price surged 3.03% to close at $0.00680.