Cross Click Media Inc (OTCMKTS:XCLK) released an investor update as it has got several inquiries over the past three months related to its activities. It stated it intends to move forward incrementally, looking for new business and completing a selection of service contracts. At the same time, the Company wants to refine and assess the specialized services required to complete its contract with the VFH campaign as the first quarter of the fiscal closes.

The management speaks

Joseph Spaziano, the Chief Technology Officer of CrossClick said that the management is very pleased that the services offered to Voters for Hillary continues to extend. The virtual call center offered by Five9 is a very strong, scalable cloud-based offering that allows the Voter for Hillary campaign to expand its presence in over 2,000 remote callers. The Voters for Hillary Affiliate Program designed by the Cross Click is now capable of expanding to tens of thousands of sites online that wants to support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

The significance

Spaziano further added that that Cross Click continues to believe VFH serves as an important platform to showcase the operational capabilities and expand the client base. The company continues to assess the payment platform supported by Click and Pledge and the new email technology that allows the Company to provide any campaign the ability to circulate more than 250 million messages per month.

The takeaway

Although built originally for VFH, many of the similar features and services will be utilized in the future for new programs and corporate clients. In past few months, hundreds of volunteers have come ahead and waiting for Hillary’s announcement. As previously stated in prior press releases Cross Click warned it may enjoy incremental revenues until the completion of this month from their measures related with VFH and that those revenues may disappear after Secretary Clinton makers her choice pertaining to her candidacy for President. IN last trading session, the stock price of XCLK surged 100% to close at $0.00040.