Elite Data Services Inc (OTCBB:DEAC) came up with an exciting update for its investors yesterday. As per the press note, the company said that it has finalized the acquisition of gaming machines along with the gaming distribution license in Honduras. As a result of the acquisition of such gaming license, the company looks forward to own and operate as many as 320 slot machines for its distribution purposes across Roatan and certain areas of Honduran mainland.

Acquisition of gaming license

The deal is valued at $10,000,000 as per Elite Data Services Inc (OTCBB:DEAC), which will run on a schedule through March 31, 2021. The company will attain the ownership immediately after the initiation of near-term revenue streams. Earlier this year, the company has informed the stakeholders on its progress of obtaining the said gaming license. However, it took more than three months for the company to finalize the deal with the concerned party.

Monetization capability

After the disclosure of the information, Elite Data Services Inc (OTCBB:DEAC)’s CEO Charles Rimlinger thanked the shareholders for maintaining their patience and support throughout the negotiation time. He went on to state that the new asset is ready to be deployed, and the company is anticipating attractive profit to arise from each machine per day. The company tried to amaze the investors by giving an account of expected profits per day. It said that at the rate of $150 per machine, the revenue generation per day will be more than $40,000 per day for altogether 320 machines.

Elite Data Services Inc (OTCBB:DEAC) further elaborated the revenue potential of the company stating that it will break even at just 48 machines if the earnings per machine is $150 per day. The company re-emphasized on its monetization abilities following the acquisition of the new asset. The stock of the company inched down 2.50% to $0.585 during the last trading session while an average volume of shares recorded on the day was 24,582.