The ever increasing technology is the only consistent thing in today’s time. Amongst various technology companies, Firstin Wireless Technology Inc (OTCMKTS:FINW) holds a prominent place. The company announced the launch of distance charges application and outgoing Android smart phones roaming lately.

Insights Of The Announcement:

Firstin Wireless launched iOS application initially, but it also announced the launch of Android application after some time. The senior management team of the company is thrilled to launch these two applications. According to AndrĂ© Beauchesne, President, Firstin Wireless, it’s one of the most sought after announcements that the company has made lately. Firstin application will recreate the success story for the company and establish it as a must have travel application. The newly launched application of Firstin has received good feedback from market experts.

With the help of Firstin’s mobile applications, users can avail the discounts on carrier charges in various modes like 4G, LTE, data, Edge and Wi-Fi. With the launch of these two applications, Firstin has become the only company to offer such lucrative discounts to all the users in cellular market. Earlier the reach of the company was limited, but with the launch of application on Android and iOS platform, it can be used by higher number of users.

Firstin is one of the well-known telecommunication company and comes with expertise in long distance mobile charges and mobile roaming fields. In order to make its applications effective and easy to use, the company uses premium VoIP technology that allows users to communicate anywhere, anytime at reduced rates. It offers telecommunication solutions for corporate clients as well as individuals.

As the telecommunication market continues to grow, the company expects to come up with new offerings in the near future. These telecommunication solutions are expected to cover a wider field to make people’s lives easy and comfortable.