ForeverGreen Worldwide Corp (OTCMKTS:FVRG) a direct marketing firm and provider of health-centered offerings, stated it will be honored at an elite gala awards banquet on May 9,2015 for Best of State in Utah for” Business Services.” The company received the recognition for product distribution. In the selection process, the judges make the decision on three different criteria. Each of the criteria holds different weight. The evaluation process involves 100-point system.

The allotment

ForeverGreen scored well on the 100-point system. The points are divided in three different areas. The 50 points are given for the overall experience, quality and superiority of a nominee’s products, performance or services. The 30 points are allocated for the creativity which nominees need to show to differentiate their firm in the competition. The last 20 points are assigned for the achievements to enhance the quality of life in their state and community, and their initiatives to transform the world a better place.

The management speaks

Ron Williams, the CEO and Founder of ForeverGreen, said that the management is overjoyed to receive an award that strongly relates to the company’s culture and mission. They work hard to offer excellent products and services and serve the community. The company is honored to be appreciated for its efforts. ForeverGreen will continue to work meticulously to improve member and customer experience, move forward with product development and focus on the ForeverGreen vision and mission and vision.

The profile

ForeverGreen Worldwide designs, manufactures and distributes natural whole foods and products to South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia, including their global products, PowerStrips, BeautyStrips and SolarStrips. The company also offers whole food beverages and many other products in the same industry. In last trading session, the stock price of ForeverGreen consolidated and closed flat at $1.52. The share volume was 189,443 compared to average share volume of 184,044.