FutureWorld Corp (OTCMKTS:FWDG) a famous name in the field of advanced technologies and solutions to the cannabis industry, said that its subsidiary CB Scientific has made a definitive distribution deal with UTest. The deal translates CB Scientific’s Personal Analytics CBD and THC Home Test Kits available via UTest.

The details

 UTest has met the diagnostic requirements of North America since 1996. It uses instant analysis technologies. The prime focus was to offer diagnostic products for law enforcement, parole and probation officers. It now provides a complete product line of reliable drug testing kits for employers and parents and is utilized by rehabilitation clinics, doctor offices, drug courts, pre-employment screening and testing of drugs in theme parks, oil fields and ski resorts of North America. Its current products range dove-tails with FutureWorld’s subsidiary THC & CBD Test Kits.

The deal

The deal between UTest and CB Scientific will make CBD and THC potency test kits available via UTest. The distribution deal also covers the new “Double Kit” which FutureWorld’s subsidiary CB Scientific will introduce in coming days. Bill Short, the CEO of CB Scientific said that the management recognizes a need to extend sales as quickly as possible. It intends to provide an “UTest version” of test kits that helps the company offer the award winning Kits to a large number of people. Working straight with a established leader company in ‘On-the-Spot’ testing enables CB Scientific to expand its product reach and implement a dramatic measure to fulfill the truly global aspirations.

The tests

FutureWorld stated that CB Scientific’s Personal Analytics kits are the first tests for users that are available for individual use to check for cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, outside of a laboratory setting. These high-quality and affordable tests offer results in ten minutes or less. There are several uses for medical and recreational purposes, including patients who are required to use hemp-related and medical cannabis products. In last trading session, the stock price of FWDG declined 3.57% to close at $0.00270.