Goldman Small Cap Research is a renowned market research firm that covers equity, as well as debt market primarily. According to reports, it announced that it had issued a new article on Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) covering its approach towards brain cancer. As soon as this news hit the market, the share price of Pharmacyte surged by 6.04% and touched $0.13 mark.

Insights On The Matter:

Pharmacyte is one of the well-known clinical stage biotechnology companies in the country. Goldman is one of the most sought after firms that have expertise in small cap and micro cap sectors. As per the reports, net income of Pharmacyte was $27.25 million on April 30, 2014, and it is expected to enhance significantly in the current year. It primarily focuses on preparing and developing various treatments for diabetes and cancer. The demand for such treatments has increased in the last few months.

The primary objective of the article published by Goldman Small Cap Research is to talk about Pharmacyte’s approach towards developing cure for life-threatening cancers. Rob Goldman, Analyst, Goldman Small Cap writes about Pharmacyte’s approach towards cancer and developing a fitting treatment using cannabinoids can be its best offering in the recent times. According to him, brain cancer is treated as one of the most dangerous diseases in today’s time, and if Pharmacyte can develop its cure by using cannabinoids, then it should be considered a great achievement.

According to Rob Goldman, various results that this company has achieved in its experiments range from best to poor, but the thing that makes it different from others is its out-of-box approach to treat cancer. He further explains that Pharmacyte seeks to combine its live cell encapsulation technology that is based on cell-in-a-Box cellulose with cannabinoids to develop unique treatments for deadly cancers. There is still a long way to go, but Pharmacyte is on the right path and will surely achieve its objective in the near future.