Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) disclosed that together with Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM) it introduced hemp-infused Kush Cakes at the recently held Cannabis Cup. The event was organized in Denver, Colorado. The latest showcase of innovative products marks the second launch done together by the two companies.

The significance

Hemp selected an appropriate time to showcase its new product. Cannabis Cup is the foremost cannabis festival in the world. The judges are selected from around the world. They sample and vote for their most favorite marijuana ‘varities.’ The two companies are using “very aggressive” marketing plans for their hemp-infused Kush Cakes. They used effective strategies during the event’s rap concerts to fetch attention of thousands of attendees.

The attention

The CEO Bruce Perlowin called the Cannabis Cup as an event to draw the ‘best of the best’ in the growing cannabis sector. The Kush Cakes were a success at both Cannabis Cup and the Big Industry Show that was held last week. As per Dewmar executives, the product got huge appreciation. The company received orders and even sold thousands of dollars worth of Kush Cakes at the two day event. Hemp sold Kush Cakes of over $1,500 value on online platform on the first official day of its launch.

The familiarity

The CEO of Hemp further added that the consumers know about the product and so the improved product received a better attention. The new product comes with hemp protein and has better packaging. The familiarity is economically beneficial to the company and its shareholders. At Bog Industry Show, Perlowin talked to two large distributors who were interested in ordering 10,000 units of Kush Cakes. The product will also be showcased at the Marijuana Investment Summit to generate awareness of the brand. In last trading session, the stock price of Hemp dropped 2.56% to close at $0.0190.