Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) together With Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM) successfully launched new improved Kush Cakes at the Big Industry Show. The event was held in Denver, CO on April 14 and April 15, 2015. The two companies selected an ideal event to re-launch the product. It is one of the largest and popular trade shows in the smoke shop industry. The executives from various distributors, wholesale and manufacturing companies attended the show. The new Kush Cakes now comes infused with hemp.

The launch

The CEO Bruce Perlowin was in attendance of the two day industry show as the official celebrity endorser of the new and improved Kush Cakes. He said that the re-launch of Kush cakes was a huge success. Dewmar’s new hemp infused cakes were one of the crowd’s favorites.

The CEO of Hemp further added that after discussing with several larger distributors, he was pleasantly surprised by how many firms were already familiar with Kush Cakes and absolutely loved it before. It is rare to see a product that fetches so much desirability and appeal in the industry with stiff competition. Based on positive feedback and received pre-orders at the show both Hemp and Dewmar expects to do well, economically.

The samples

Dr. Marco Moran, the CEO of Dewmar said that the company distributed more than 2,000 Kush Cakes samples free of cost at the Big Industry Show. Hemp and Dewmar were overwhelmed with the positive feedback as the latest changes were noticeable. The new Kush cakes, now made and packaged in Colorado, contains premium ingredients to have a moisture-rich texture. It has mold resistant metalized foil package.

In last trading session, the stock price of Hemp declined 7.94% to close the trading session at $0.0197. The decline came at share volume of 31.83 million compared to average volume of 12.38 million.