Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) might be facing a fluctuation in value, but the company is adamant to make all the right moves to get itself to the top. The company has just recently released its FY2014 and has reported 235% in sales and a 172% increase in assets while the losses declined by 33%. The report can be a turning point in gaining investor interest to raise more cash for future projects. The company also started its one of a kind decortications plant in North Carolina, to improve its quality of hem products.

However, it should be kept in mind that the company has a loyal shareholder base that always puts its trust in the company. The confidence of the investors is highly rewarded by the company since it always keeps its shareholders up to date, with current events of the company. Additionally, in previous years it has been noted that the company has made quite a few big moves to raise its value. So the dedicated investor base would surely be expecting something big to come very soon.

The company uses unique methods to develop its hemp and cannabis products. The company has already shown success, with agricultural hemp products and is considered as amongst the leaders in its field. Many States have started to consider the legalization of industrial hemp and the company is also ready for the cannabis market. Both moves would go in favor of the company if executed, with proper planning.

With more projects piling up, the company has also announced its plans to get itself ready for a number of hemp products. The CEO of the company, Bruce Perlowin, believes that hemp products will soon see a huge growth, with uses lying in fuel, power generation, textiles and a number of other industries. This is why the company is aiming to better equip itself for the production of hemp products while creating a failsafe in the cannabis industry.