Lifelogger Technologies Corp (OTCMKTS:LOGG) changed its name effective January 31,2014. It was the time when the company embarked on the formulation and marketing plans of its unique lifelogging solutions enabling the appreciation, retrieving, organizing, recording, secure online storage and selective exchange of personal information, videos, photos, data and other activities with peers and the public at large. Before January 31, 2014, the company operated into web based marketing industry.

The core business

Lifelogger stated that its lifelogging business is made of the continued development and marketing of a wearable video camera that the company calls as a “Lifelogger wearable.” It is a seamlessly integrated system of advanced lifelogging-based software tools the company calls as the “Lifelogger Platform”. Moreover, by selling the wearable, the company plans to separately market and exploit the Lifelogger system in numerous formats including Android and iOS applications and to third entities on a “white-label” license platform. Lifelogger anticipate launching a beta version of new Platform for testing in the second quarter of fiscal 2015.

The product

Lifelogger said that lifelogging is a influential new method of ‘self-chronicling’ or journaling one’s life. The mainstream lifelogging evolved in recent years in customers markets as an innovative use of wearable electronic tools such as camera-toting wearable.

The tasks

The most advanced lifelogging integrates and automates the technology-based appreciation, retrieval, recording, collecting, organization and selective exchange of autobiographical data and documents. The system is based on wearing an auto-chronicling wearable tool that is efficient of recording pictures, audio, videos, vital signs, environmental data, health data, etc. it is done to the document, chronicle, monitor and track the daily tasks, health and other individual information.

The performance

Lifelogger informed that the total revenue surged to $350,000 for FY2014 compared to $29,930 in FY2013. The rise in total revenue is due to higher sales of a prototype Lifelogger wearable, parts and design work the company accomplished under a contract with a customer. In last trading session, the stock price of LOGG surged 2.17% to close at $0.470.