In order to make sure that customers from all over the world can enjoy its services, Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) has decided to take its services beyond the national boundaries. As per the reports, the company recently initiated media awareness program and launched micro BCI device for consumers. The primary objective of Mind Solutions to cover news from all around the world and serve to its customers in the best possible way. It faced a little downturn in stock market and ended its day at $0.00270, 3.57% down from Thursday’s close.

What’s Next In Basket:

Mind Solutions doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned. It has already tasted all the required prototypes for the final production; hence, the company will now start the marketing activities of Brain-Computer Interface. The important thing about this BCI is that it’s the smallest interface of the world. Mind Solutions is all set to launch it in the market in some time; hence, it wants to give public basic information about this device.

The primary objective is to ensure that people don’t feel awkward when they get to experience it face to face. The phase one exposure of Mind Solution will include the following media products and services-

  • A fully prepared investment Fact Sheet that will be distributed to over 60,000 investors on weekly basis
  • Peculiar television interviews will get air monthly on the leading channel Bloomberg Europe and Bloomberg Asia
  • Different television interviews of renowned personalities airing on NewsMax. These interviews are expected to reach over 35 million households
  • A well-formed social media network that will disseminate regular press releases and other updates
  • Participation and organizing Global Online CEO Conference for better reach and a stronger connection.

Mind Solutions want to try everything possible to make the entire world aware of its BCI device well in advance before it hits the market.