In order to make all the investors aware of its progress, Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) has decided to announce updates about its business expansion and development plans. As per the reports, the company has announced its present position and plans for future expansion.

Road Ahead:

The company filed 14C Information Statement a few days back with SEC and stated that it would expand its authorized shares from one billion to three billion. The company also announced that it would explain the need for expansion at this stage and how it would cater the market in the near future. The statement reveals that a few growth plans are in the pipeline and would be made public shortly.

Pazoo has 40% stake in MA & Associates, LLC, which is located in Nevada. As per the reports, the company is in the final stage of marijuana testing lab. The experienced and skilled management team of this lab makes it an unmatched and second to none option in the accuracy, quality and quickness in the testing ability. MA & Associates was given 241 out of 250 possible points when it applied for the registration. As per the reports, no other applicant came even close to it and surpassed 200 mark. It shows how effective the company is in terms of its work proceedings and expertise.

Another subsidiary named Harris Lee, LLC, in which Pazoo owns 100% stake, signed a master agreement some time back. It allowed the company to have the first right of refusal for all the other states across the country. With the help of this agreement, Harris Lee gets the exclusive right for Oregon, which is expected to be ready for production by September 2015. Harris Lee is planning to enter in another state in the near future and have at least one more operational by the end of the 2015.