Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) has been making some big decisions in an attempt to propel itself upwards. The company has recently repaid a large part of its debts on its convertible promissory notes, in order to save itself from dilution. Additionally, there has also been a small change in the company’s administration. Pazoo has announced the creation of MA Marketing and Sales Division, as a subsidiary of its partner MA and Associates LLC. This wing is to operate under, the newly hired, Michael A. Tulimero, who is recognized as a top tier sales representative.

Mr. Tulimero is known as an experienced sales representative in the cannabis industry. He is also known to have represented his previous company at high profile cannabis conferences. This appointment has been viewed as an attempt by MA to create the best sales and customer team in the state of Nevada. Even though, the state has yet to declare the percentage of pesticides used for growing, hence delaying the first marijuana output till late June. The increased staffing along with commitments to test products from a number of growers, helps to push MA’s leadership position when the first product is delivered for testing. Additionally, MA already has a competitive advantage. It is the only company with the highest rating of any testing lab applicant, in the state of Nevada.

Apart from having 40% shares in a company moving to become one of the leaders in the cannabis industry, Pazoo is also improving its balance sheet. The company has fully repaid its debts LG Capital Funding and Macallan Partners. Additionally, Pazoo has also revealed its intentions to also payback Union Capital and Eastmore Capital in the coming weeks. The total amount for all these debts comes up to $400,000 and all these debts had been on convertible promissory notes. The move will also help the company from dilution in the stock market.

Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) closed at $0.00960, after gaining 10.98% on April 16. The company trades 219.73 million shares in the market, with a 52-week range of $0.00-$0.06.