The global stock market has been going through a transition period, which means that no company can stick to any one strategy and hope for the best results. The volatile market conditions have affected the proceedings and financial position of Metrospaces Inc (OTCMKTS:MSPC) as well. In order to inform about company’s recent initiatives and market volatility, the company wrote a letter to all the shareholders.

Insights of The Letter:

The letter to all the shareholders was written by company’s Chief Financial Officer Mr. Brito, who stated that Metrospaces continued to evolve in the volatile market conditions when many others failed. According to him, the primary fundamentals of the company as described in the previous letter written to shareholders on December 24, 2014 would remain same in the future as well. Even though the volatility has affected a major part of company’s operations, but still the management has decided to keep the earnings guidance for the current year unchanged from the last announcement on January 15, 2015.

The senior management of Metrospaces is committed to enhancing shareholders value and hopes that the company would overcome the difficulties that it is facing right now and add value to shareholders. Currently, Metrospaces owns a large part of its equity, most of which was acquired by the company recently through a stock-for-debt exchange transaction. It is a clear indication that management’s compensation lies in the long term growth of company’s equity, same as of shareholders.

The volatility has affected its stock prices in the last few days, but the entire management team is confident about the future growth; therefore, it has decided to stick to 2015-17 earning guidance. Along with this letter to shareholders, the company has also reported the growth card of 2015 grape harvesting season. It hopes that 2015 would prove to be a record-breaking year in terms of revenues for the company.