The amount of efforts that TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) had to put in to ship Rocky Mountain High were a lot more than what it had expected initially, but somehow the company did it. As per the reports, those efforts have started paying off. Totally Hemp has started generating revenues from the production of Rocky Mountain High infused beverages.

Insights of The Matter:

Totally Hemp has just announced the financial results for the third quarter. As per the reports, it sold beverage products infused by Rocky Mountain High for as much as $67,663.51 in the previous quarter. The point that should be paid attention here is that for most of the time, these beverage products were not available. The sales figure posted by the company represents the Rocky Mountain sale that took place in the last two weeks of March 2015.

Even though this figure may look very small as compared to the sales of other products, but still the company is very optimistic about the future success. In a recent statement, it stated that it was looking forward to the next quarter. On the basis of the sales data of the previous quarter, the management is determined that Rocky Mountain High infused beverage products will easily surpass the magical $700,000 figure at the end of the current quarter.

In order to make sure that the supply of these products remains unaffected throughout the quarter, Totally Hemp has elevated the next production run by as much as 25% to 60,000 cases. It expects to have the same pressure on the production department for the next 6-12 months. As per the reports, it has requested Carrollton, Texas-based North Texas Mountain Valley Spring Water Company to share its Austin and Dallas warehouse facility for a continuous supply. The management expects that the demand of Rocky Mountain High will enhance as the time progresses.