Continuous growth and expansion of its operations has prompted AVRA Inc (OTCBB:AVRN) to increase its senior management team as well. Reports claim that the company has appointed Mr. Vasiliy Smetanin as the new vice president of ATM Kiosk operations. Apart from handling operational tasks, he will also look after the development activities of the department. The last closing price of AVRA is $0.54 and is expected to enhance once he starts working in his new role.

What’s And Why’s About His Appointment:

There were a lot of other strong contenders for the same post, but Vasiliy was chosen for his expertise in this field and in-depth knowledge about the operations that the company deals in. Experts claim that his appointment will prove to be a huge booster for the company in the current market situation. He will not only strengthen the strategic marketing initiatives of the company, but also operational activities of the workers.

He comes with a strong experience in the strategic management field and can successfully execute proven corporate strategies without any hassle. Previously, he worked in Kiosk industry; hence, AVRA can use his experience and help the company inch towards its objectives. The senior management of the company is delighted to announce his appointment. According to Steve Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer, AVRA Inc (OTCBB:AVRN), Smetanin is one of the brightest and most skilled people in the industry. He is expected to use his experience to make sure that AVRA could spend its operations globally.

Shepherd further adds that he has worked with Vasiliy Smetanin in the past and is aware of his accomplishment. AVRA would expect him to work in line with his past achievements and subject matter experience. The next challenge in front of the entire senior management is to execute Kiosk’s strategy for 2015. The entire management backs Smetanin and hopes that he will fulfill everyone’s expectations in the coming months.