Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) developed a new website and introduced it on the occasion of “420”. The new website is well designed with the innovative features of “Cannabis 2.0”. There are direct links to educational materials, ecommerce segment and investor relations. It is an easy to use website that can be used by the customers to get the knowledge about marijuana related stuff.

The growth

The perception towards the marijuana industry is changing significantly and it is evident in the legalization measures initiated in recent years. As the people try to get acquainted with the facts about hemp and marijuana and related research, the false ideas attached with the use of marijuana and hemp begins to fade. The legal cannabis market is one of the fastest growing segments in the United States. It is the prime reason Medical Marijuana went for an overhaul of its website. The laws are changing at state level and people need to be aware of the latest changes. There are many people who don’t even know that states are approving CBD-only marijuana strains.

The segment

Medical Marijuana is a famous name in the growing cannabis market as it is the first publicly traded cannabis firm in the U.S. It selected grand event of “420” to present its new website. It can be better termed as a fresh start for the company as it gives a new look to its existing website. The cannabis customers are growing and they are from all the age group from kids to seniors. Even pets are not left untouched from the magic of marijuana treatment. The industry is witnessing significant breakthroughs with cannabis making headline for its possible role in treatment of various diseases.

In last trading session, the stock price of Medical Marijuana declined 0.60% to close the trading session at $0.0830 on share volume of 2.50 million.