The ZaZZZ machine of American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) has become the first stand-alone budtender of the country. The company announced towards the end of the previous month that two of its key dispensaries were online for the use of public in ZaZZZ ID verifying, consumer-operated network. Reports claim that one of the machines is based out of Pacific Coast Dispensary in Seattle area. American Green surged 0.31% yesterday to touch $0.0064 mark.

It’s the first instance when ZaZZZ have been put as a stand-alone budtender at a dispensary. The second fully activated ZaZZZ is based out of Exhale in Los Angles. Exhale is one of the premier dispensaries of the city. Both the machines have independent bit-coin accounts. The authorities have clarified that interested people would need to buy bitcoins as soon as possible to start using these machines without any hassle.

Management’s Call:

According to Jared Thompson of Pacific Coast, the company has been working with American Green for a few months now and want to accomplish this initiative as soon as possible. The newly launched ZaZZZ machines are not to replace any other machine in the market. The primary objective is to offer a platform to employees so that they can interact with all the patients passionately and more time in hand. Clear cut interactions with patients is a part of the company’s business strategy.

Dimitry Muzychuk, Managing Partner, Exhale, has done a lot of hard work to get machine placed online and at the desired venues. Muzychuk considers the new ZaZZZ as the best means to serve all the clients in the most appropriate manner. The machine may not work for everyone, but it will surely do wonders for most of the clients and will surely form a strong base for the long-term growth shortly. He further adds that this is the first time when the company has come up with something like that, and it seems like the output is worth a wait.