Anavex Life Sciences Corp (OTCMKTS:AVXL) has recently released data regarding its drugs for epilepsy, while highlighting the findings of a recent study on sigma-1 receptors for treatment of Alzheimer’s. The company’s drug candidate for epilepsy Anavex 2-73 has passed pre-clinical trials. Anavex made use of the Antiepileptic Drug Trials XIII Conference to release the results. The recent findings of sigma-1 receptor for treatment Alzheimer’s has been published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”. The new study reaffirms the faith of the company in its drugs.

At the conference, Anavex revealed that the epilepsy drug had been passed through three different anti-seizure models. The results indicated that the drug should have significantly less potential side effects, as compared to its competitors in the market. Anavex 2-73 features cognitive enhancements, which prevent neuro-cognitive impairments.

Anavex also revealed that the drug is in Phase-2a of its clinical study for Alzheimer’s disease and is expected to be released in the market by 3Q2015. The recently published study has shown that sigma-1 receptors can reduce the impact of tau-dysfunction. Tau-dysfunction has been identified as the common factor in neurodegenerative diseases. The study has made the company more focused towards this factor for Anavex 2-73. Anavex also revealed that a reduction in this hallmark has the potential to slow and/or stop the disease and also treat other CNS diseases.

Additionally, studies targeting the links between memory loss and epilepsy had encouraged Anavex to make use of its drug for epilepsy. So far, the results have been encouraging, with complete protection from tonic seizures in all three study models. The news has been encouraging for the investors, who see a single new drug from the company targeting two major diseases. If the clinical studies are able to draw some fruitful conclusions, Anavex could be looking at an even larger market than it had anticipated.

Anavex Life Sciences Corp (OTCMKTS:AVXL) traded 77.24 million shares on May 26 and closed at $0.432. The stock has a 52-week range of $0.15-$0.47.