EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) continues to perform well in the exoskeleton industry with the help of its second to none financial and non-financial performances. The results of the first quarter reflect that the company has outperformed various growth metrics. Yesterday’s closing price of $1.87, up 5.65% from the previous Wednesday is the true evidence that investors have started backing up the company.

Significant Increment In YOY Revenues:

The AI or Robotic technology has grown to that level where exoskeletons cannot be avoided anymore, especially in the multitude of arenas. EKSO is one of the first companies in this sector which has gone public; therefore, it carries the early mover advantage. The previous quarter was a reasonably good three-month period in which it performed up to investors’ expectations. Even though, the company surged in all fronts, but the maximum growth was noticed in revenue part. EKSO took its revenues to as high as $1.7 million during 1Q2015, higher from previous year’s $1.1 million.

Road Ahead:

Market experts anticipate that EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) is likely to have an amazing time ahead in the upcoming quarters. The growth rate in the coming months should be higher than the one it witnessed in the previous quarter. While it shipped not more than 16 units in 1Q2015, the remaining quarters of 2015 will witness a reasonable hike in this number. Most of the products are in their early phase of development, which is something the management can feel good at.

With the ongoing cost reduction initiatives and technological advances, there are all chances that EKSO’s shipment volume will surge significantly shortly. The company has been trying hard to improving itself in terms of exoskeleton technology by all possible means for a long time, and will continue to do the same in the future as well.

It has already started spreading awareness about the exoskeleton products, which is good from the business point of view.